About Us

Hi, I'm Sonia owner and founder of Bonwoire.  Thanks for stopping by today!

Bonwoire was born out of a desire to build a unique fashion brand dedicated to giving every woman the power to express herself with individual style, without harming the planet.

That desire first became a reality when lockdown pushed me to take a giant leap of faith and put my years of experience in the fashion industry to the test by launching my own brand.

At first, things started small, creating my first batch of organic, hand-printed tees and sweats for close friends and family, but it didn't take long before I was selling at markets across the country, running a pop-up shop and launching my own e-commerce website

As the brand continues to grow, I never lost site of my core mission to create good quality, well designed  bespoke fashion pieces that are truly fit for every woman (whatever her age or size!) and the planet.  It's about your attitude and outlook on life! That's why all our products are organic or recycled, hand printed and truly unique.

Here at Bonwoire, we encourage you to express your true self sustainable....Just like I do!

Are you ready to do the same?

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